Autumn Weekend

This weather, in a word, heavenly. While the big kids were at swim team practice I took the little kids to a scuplture park. They ran around like crazy and let me take lots of pictures.

In the afternoon we went to Jack's soccer game. He played well and I wish I would have taken a picture of what the other kids were doing. They weren't watching soccer, just playing so intently in the dirt you would have thought they were looking for gold.

I took these pictures of Callie this morning before church. I wanted a picture of her front tooth. It's dangling by a thread, crooked, but it won't come out. Patience.

And this is my desperate attempt to get just one picture of Jack. But he's not having it. He's about to put his hands in the air and say "come on Mom!!"

Hope it was a beautiful weekend for you too.

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