Ohio Christmas 2010

We headed to Ohio this weekend to celebrate Christmas with the Ullery side of the family. We had a wonderful time and the kids enjoyed every minute of it. They got to play in the snow for the first time this year and had such a great time sledding. This was Anna's first Christmas celebration and she was smiles all around. She got into the Christmas spirit quickly and was not a single step behind the others in all the traditions this weekend... fudge, presents, playing with cousins. Anna spent some time with her great grandma and made her a very happy woman. Grandma B has a lot of affection for this little girl and Anna brightened her day. I think they have a special little relationship going! So fun was had by all and it was a very Merry Ohio Christmas. I have to mention our (12 hour) trip home though. We got caught in a blizzard, stuck for 4 hours on an interstate not moving even one inch, and turned our normally 6 hour trip to 12 hours. The kids were troopers and we made it home, just not quite the way to end such a wonderful weekend. BUT, we are home safe and in the holiday spirit. Enjoy the pictures.

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