Parent failure 101

Good grief, yet another parent fail.

But this is a big one.  No planned Ullery vacation this summer.  I'm not sure how this happened.  We talked about going to Colorado to visit friends.  Then plans changed and we talked about a stay cation.  Geez even that failed.  And now it's over.  Seriously, we didn't go to Six Flags, we didn't go to Botanical Gardens, we didn't go to City Museum.   Summer is officially over for us and I have never felt more guilty in my life.  I feel sick.

I wish I could blame it on swimming.  But guess what, I can't.  It's purely our fault.  And despite the fact I have a lot of homebodies in this house, myself included,  perfectly happy to never leave home, I'm not happy.  We all needed a family break and we didn't do it.  Well darn!

And high school, totally overwhelming and I'm the mom and not the kid.  And the kid, who most often could care less about leaving home, now says he wanted to go to Colorado.....great.  So I'll just go sit in my corner and cry.  Because summer is over and we failed.

Lesson learned, everybody needs a break.  Just a brief change of scenery.  Doesn't have to be a huge over the top trip.  Just a simple break.  Does a body good, like milk.  So I've pulled out the calendar, and I'm on a mission to figure out a trip, even if it's down the street.

And on that first day of school when everyone talks about the most awesome vacation, I hope my kids can say they hung out with their family and played board games, over and over and over.  Because  that is what this  family is about, endless board game time.....

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