Thanks NFL..... we tried, you failed

This was the first year my kids were actually geared up to watch the Superbowl.  We planned, each kid  got to choose a snack to add to the mix, we grilled hamburgers, we were in cozy pajamas by 4:30 with sleeping bags on the living room floor ready to go.
This was mainly fueled by my oldest daughter.  Brian was at work, little kids just followed along, Jack was just it for the queso, and I would have been happy to switch to HGTV and crawl in a nice warm sleeping bag on the couch.  But kids were excited and ready to go.  So we dug into our nachos and started the game.  Within the first 5-10 minutes was a commercial, certainly for a rated R horror movie and I had kids crying.  Wonderful.  So no HGTV for me, and clearly no sleeping the rest of the night either.  And I have to say, that stinks.  Considering Jack's and my 4:30 am wake up call tomorrow morning for swim practice this was not a positive start to the night.  But we hung on, and moved on into our totally heart healthy food courses (hamburgers with a side of mint chocolate chip and caramel ice cream) and held on for half time.  In the meantime, Callie fell asleep but begged to not go to bed so she could  watch the half time show.  The littles were nearly asleep.  And commercials, not really entertaining, totally disappointed.
Halftime.... what???? Do you know what my daughter said when asked about doing hip hop like Beyonce.  She said " I wouldn't want to be be inappropriate like that."  Amen sister.  
And that was it, and I mean that was it.  I put kids to bed, at least temporarily.  There's a 90% chance I will have friends in my bed tonight, and normally I would be resentful of my lost sleep.  But tonight I will put the blame on you NFL, Thanks......
And just FYI, it's 8:25 and I just watched the cutest  Honda commercial with singing sheep.  My kids would have loved that.  But it's way past their bedtime, and they are already trying to go to sleep with visions of monsters and who knows what else in their heads.  And gosh darn... another adorable "Super Bowl Babies"  commercial by the NFL just happened.

Dear NFL,
Please put the cute and appropriate commercials in the first half of the Super Bowl.  It would mean a lot to families with children.

A mom trying her best

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