Pride is a funny feeling.  As a parent, I find it hard to differentiate between pride and bragging.  I hope I'm not one of those parents that is talking about my kids all the time.  But as a mom, I am one of those parents that is talking about my kids all the time, because in reality, what else would I talk about?  At this stage in the game, I pretty much am with my kids 24/7 so their stories are my stories.  And I find  them interesting, comical, and let's face it, sometimes boring, but since they belong to me,   I live, listen and record these adventures at all times.  And when I share them it can be a fine  line between bragging and just being proud.  I guess it depends on the audience.  But I can't erase my pride or a I would be taking a big piece away from my kids.  Because when they achieve something wonderful, or something minimal, or just make a good decision, they deserve my accolade and praise and passing on the good news.
 So onward......
Tonight all 4 kiddos had a swim meet.  And my bragging is that they did great.   What this means is that they gave it their all, kept going when they were cold and tired and feeling defeated.  And this is how my kids swim, day after day after day.  And I am proud of them. Very, very proud.
They are amazing!

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