4 year olds or 4th graders

I know I've written about our elementary school before. Jack's class followed our journey to China and Anna was an instant superstar when she got home. The littles continue to be a popular crowd there. The reality is I love this school. From the incredible principal to the amazing teachers, I could not as a parent ask for anything more. We are a tiny community and this school is a dream. My littles play on the playground after we drop off Jack and Callie and this past week the 4th graders came out immediately to burn some energy before testing. The gym teachers could have said to please go ahead and take my littles ones but instead they were allowed to participate with the 4th graders, day after day. I can't even express how awesome this was and how it is just another example of our close knit school and how wonderful this school is. Carter and Anne LOVED this and thought they were so cool.

And Jack is so sweet. He could have been thoroughly embarrassed by his mom taking pics and his siblings getting so much attention but he embraces it. Yet another reason why he is such a great kid.

On top of everything that happens inside, it is picturesque outside as well.

Lucky for me I have a lot of years ahead here!

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