Emotional Parenting

I've known all along that I parent often based on emotion. But as my kids get older it becomes more and more evident. They have opinions, strong ones, and the things they have to deal with seem to be bigger issues that a misplaced toy or broken sippy cup.
It was a rough go for me with parenting this week and now that I can look back, I see oh to clearly that I parent with my heart. Seriously I cried, a lot. My sons teacher must think I'm nuts and poor Jack just kept telling me to stop crying. Yes yes I could say this is wonderful, a sign of compassion and the deep love that I have for my kids. And truly it stems from just that. But there is plenty of room for giving love and it doesn't have to rule my parenting. So what to do....how do I change? Take a parenting class? For now I need to remember this week and make the effort to step back and let life happen. My kids will fail, make mistakes and be just fine. And I will do the same.

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