First Day of Preschool

Oh the joy of the first day of preschool.  I love my kiddos a lot, I really do, but I think it's mutual that we all need a little time on our own.  And they LOVE school.  They love their friends, their teachers, the awesome playground, and the playtime.  And I get a couple of hours to myself, even if it is running errands or folding laundry.
Can you see the joy in their little faces.
 Carter being his normal goofy self.   Unfortunately Carter was not smiling when his daddy went to leave the preschool this morning.  He put on quite a crying show.  Poor Brian.  Teachers said he was fine when Brian left.  I think Carter has his Daddy's heart in a big way.

And what did I do this first day with a little time off.  Knocked off my 18 mile run.  Marathon is in 6 weeks.  Getting close, ready to be done with all this crazy running!


  1. super cute pics and yes we all deserve a little break.

  2. I love their faces! So excited! We just had Faith's 1st day :)