A Catch up post

 Brian and I traveled to New York last week with our best friends to watch the U.S. Open.  The kiddos stayed home with our fantastic babysitter and did great.  This is the first trip we have taken without kids in 2 years and our first time away from Anna.  Everyone did wonderfully.  Despite missing kids, it's so refreshing to know we can have a bit of time to ourselves and know the kids will be just fine.
The weather in New York was awesome and we love spending time with this couple.  In addition to a lot of tennis, we did some New York sightseeing.  We stayed in Times Square, enjoyed good food, saw Wicked (awesome!!!) and laughed a lot.

 Times Square.

 The guys reading the paper and enjoying Times Square.

 The most common scene all week.  Figuring out how to navigate the Subway.  There was no mistaking that we were tourists.

A couple of weeks ago my nephew celebrated his 4th birthday and had a tennis party.
Jack and Anna

 Callie and Carter
 And our nature walk.  I try and get a couple of these in a year, just to take in the surroundings.  No playground, no toys, just nature.
 Otherwise, the big kids are doing well with the back to school routine and the little kids and I are just hanging around.  They start preschool tomorrow- woo hoo!

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