First Day of Preschool

The big kids have been in school for a couple of weeks but today was the first day of school for Carter and Anna. Both are starting preschool. We have been talking about school a lot and both were very excited to go.
I really do believe that Anna is just as ready as any other preschooler. Her English is fantastic and going to school with Carter helps with any separation issues.
This was before we left the house.

Walking to the front door of the school.

One last pose kiddos.

And while they weren't paying attention (or so I thought) I snapped one last picture.

So what did I do ALL BY MYSELF for 2 hours??? I could have come home, done laundry, gone to the grocery, run errands.....but my friend mentioned I should do something just for myself this morning. The truth is, if I didn't do it now, I would never take the time to just relax. So I went and got a pedicure, read a magazine, and enjoyed a brief moment of silence. The kids were are smiles when I picked them up and school was a success. Looks like we all had a great morning.


  1. Glad you spoiled yourself a little bit during your two free hours!! What a gift to you!

  2. Smart woman! And the kiddos look great! You deserve a little pampering for sure!