Look what we got today!

This morning Callie got her cast removed and a WATERPROOF cast on!! I practically did a little dance in the doctor's office. I know a broken arm is nothing in the scheme of life but it's been a long 2 and a half weeks. I can only play so many games and color so many pictures. The big kids have watched entirely too much TV while I've been playing water in the driveway with the little kids. When it's 95 degrees outside I can't really make Callie play outside- it's just too hot. She can't swing, ride a bike or play in the sprinkler so we haven't even gone to the park.

So we went straight from the orthopedic to swim team practice. She was scared at first to get in the pool but did O.K. once she got in. Carter and Anna are so excited to go to the pool. They are napping right now and when they wake up, this clan is headed to the POOL. It's 100 degrees outside today and I can't wait!

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