A Mama's Heart

So I have this kid.  He is  a swimmer.  Not just an ordinary swimmer, but a talented, dedicated, driven, hard working, and passionate swimmer.  He is 10.  Swimming is the only thing he does and it is his life.  And his family has made a lot of sacrifices for his swimming.  During the school year he goes to school, runs out at the end of the day to hop in the car, heads to swimming, comes home to eat dinner and try and get homework done and goes to bed.  And this is Monday through Friday.  And summer has proven just as busy.  We are the family with the "Eat, swim, sleep, repeat" t-shirts.  This kid sets a goal and works to achieve.  This past weekend he traveled for a swim meet with his dad.  He has had a specific goal for a couple of months now.  And these past couple of months at swim meets he has come so, so close.  Milliseconds away.  And while getting so close is such a wonderful accomplishment, close is not his goal.  So at the last minute I decided to pack up the rest of the kids and surprise him and show up at this meet.  And guess what happened?  He did it!  I watched it happen.  Watched the most incredible swim of my life.  Watched my own son meet his goal.  Watched him look up at the board for his time, get out of the pool and ask the timer for his time, and then realize he did it.  He looked up to find us and the pure joy and excitement was amazing, and so well earned and deserved.  I cried for him, and my heart swelled.  There was so much happiness.  To have this kid that not only wanted something so bad, but put in the work to get it.  It's awe inspiring.  It captures my heartstrings.  It's a mama's heart.  And it couldn't be any more proud.

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