Oreo brownines

The first time I made these, we were instantly addicted. Anytime I make a meal for a family, or have people over with kids, I make these brownies and everyone loves them. And the best part folks. They are the easiest. dessert. ever. I really don't want to be sharing this little secret but I decided to spread the joy. It is the Christmas season afterall.

Oreo Brownies
1 box family size brownie mix
1 16oz. tub of vanilla icing
1 package mini oreos

Bake brownies according to directions on box and cool. Spread vanilla icing over the top. Crush mini oreos and dump entire bag on top of icing and spread out. Seriously- that's it. And if this is not enough sugar for you, you can always add a little ice cream.

Thank goodness I have a batch waiting for me after dinner, unless I can sneak a bite in without the kids looking.
Oh so yummy!

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