It's summertime

Callie and Jack finished up the last week of school. They had field days and picnics. Time moves so quickly I can hardly keep up. I hope summer doesn't go that fast as it is my favorite time of the year.

Callie and her Kindergarten teacher. We loved her and so did Callie.

Callie and her girlfriends.

and, Callie and her boyfriends...

When Callie was finishing up preschool, I was so worried about her transition to kindergarten because none of her preschool friends were going on to the same school. I don't what I was thinking. She was a very popular little girl and made plenty of friends.

Jack and his teacher. We loved her as well and she had a heart for Jack.

Jack and his BFF (as they call each other) after getting out of school on the last day.

Our gang thrilled to proclaim it's summertime.

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