First day of school....

well, it was last week but I'm a little behind on my blogging right now. The kids were very excited and it seems the only one struggling with this new schedule of having her big kids gone is Mom. Yes the only tears shed were mine. But, they have to grow up right?
Callie started Kindergarten and could not have been more happy to be at the "big" school like her brother. This is before school.

First time on the school bus! She is still smiling.

So Callie got on the bus, then we took Jack to school. He allowed me the honor of taking his picture on front of the school sign but when it came to walking him in....

this is as far as he wanted me to go. How this little mama's boy did not want his mama to walk him to his class is beyond me, but I respected his wishes and just blew obnoxious and loud kisses.

So, back in the car to meet Callie's bus at her school to get her off the bus and walk her into class. Parents of Kindergarteners do this on the first day. She's still smiling.

And, this little exchange was the end of my dry eyes. Callie and her daddy are a close pair and this picture captures a baby girl going off to school all day for the first time. I love this picture.

We made it in the classroom, Callie hung up her back pack, posed for one last picture and we all said our goodbyes.

So, Brian and I took the little kids and went home. Within one hour, the phone rings. It is Callie's school nurse. Hmmmm......is she still smiling. Just a little nosebleed and back to class. Another half hour and another phone call. Just a little anxiety but back to class. So who has the anxiety now, Callie or Mom???
But despite some morning jitters, this was the smile as she got off the bus at the end of the day.

Overall I would say that the start of the year was a success. Callie is happy and excited and liking school. Jack loved school to begin with so he is glad to be back.
And Anna and Carter are missing their siblings and very jealous of not being able to get on that school bus.
So with the big kids gone all day, what do we do with ourselves. Well here is a glimpse of one of our activities- body painting.

They painted themselves and each other.

Oh yeah, I did a little painting as well.

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